Best Solar Tiki Torches for Outdoor Decoration

Solar tiki torches simulate the flickering flame of traditional tiki torch lights, and we come up with the best solar tiki torches for outdoor decoration. These torches have an altogether different appearance. They look almost more like small brasier with their cylindrical design. In addition, their flickering flame effect looks just like a real flame! But in fact, they don’t carry real fire. These solar flame lights are a safe alternative to real flames. Solar tiki torches are the perfect solution to providing a beautiful. They are practical decorative lights for gardens, patios, decks, pathways, etc.

best solar tiki torches

These torch lights are powered by solar panels, which absorb sunlight during the day and turn on automatically at night. They are easy to install. You can simply stake them in receiving direct sunlight during the day. Some solar tiki torches may also come with a remote control or timer, allowing you to customize the lighting schedule and effects.

Read on for our reviews of the best solar tiki torches available. Check the latest prices to ensure you get a great deal!

Solar Torch Lights with Flickering Flame 4 Pack

solar torch lights


Material: ABS+PC
Battery: 3.7V/2200mAh
Lumens: 35
LED: SMD2835, 96PCS
Lighting time: ≥8H-10H
Charging time: ≥6H
IP Rating: IP65 Waterproof


These solar flame lights feature unique dancing and flickering flames and look like real torch lights. They create a realistic moving flame effect and feature dozens of flame variations, adding a perfect glow to celebrate your outdoor space. They consist of warm white 96 LEDs. Then each LED flicker lights bring the perfect safe and soft glow. In addition, these torch lights are the perfect outdoor decor for the garden, lawn, yard, etc.

PIR motion sense flame lights

PIR motion sense flame lights


Material: ABS+PC
Solar panel: 5.5V/2.5W
Battery: 3.7V/4400mAh
Lumens: 420
LED: SMD2835, 158PCS
Lighting time: ≥8H
Charging time: ≥6H-8H
Lighting mode: PIR motion sensor + Dim light
IP Rating: IP65 Waterproof


PIR motion sense flame lights have waterproof, and energy-saving, and decorate like flames outdoor gardens, community walls, fences, villas, etc.

How to Choose the Best Solar Tiki Torches?

Flame Appearance

Solar Tiki torches have a gorgeous dancing flame design that looks like real flickering flames. The flame design will attract more attention around your garden, pathway, patio, yard, or pool.

Working Time

The working time of the tiki torch light is one such factor that you should never miss out on checking. The bigger the battery is, the more charge it can hold and the longer it will last. Also, the higher the wattage of the LED, the more energy it’ll consume and the faster it’ll drain the battery. So, you should choose tiki torches which have 8 hours of run time in the summer and 6 hours in the winter months.

Charge Time

The most important part of solar torches light is the solar panel. Do you have efficient solar panels? Can they be fully charged during the day?

Torch Height

The solar tiki torch lights are installed in the ground, you should definitely be concerned about the length of its rod. Most solar tiki lights are 32.6 inches with an extra ground stake that extends its height to 43 inches.


Most solar torches have an IP rating of IP65, they can withstand all kinds of weather. Some other solar flame lights might have a rating of only IP44. This means that it can only handle small splashes of water, but not a heavy downpour.


Do Solar Tiki Torch Lights Get Hot?

Solar tiki torches don’t get hot, as there is no heat produced by the LED bulbs.

What Are the Best Solar Flame Torches?

The TomCare and Aytivert Solar Tiki Flame torches can get on top of the list as they provide a bright and realistic dancing flame, a high waterproof rating, and a generous 1-year warranty.

How Long Do Solar Tiki Torches Last?

Most tiki torches can last up to 8-10 hours on a full charge. Their lifespan, however, depends on the brand. But most of the time, they can last for at least 2-3 years.

Do Solar Tiki Torches Keep Mosquitoes Away?

Solar tiki torches can somehow reduce the presence of mosquitoes in your area. However, if you want to completely keep these pesky creatures away, they are not enough.


Now you know what to consider before buying tiki torches. We hope you choose the best solar tiki torches. Happy shopping!

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