Components of solar LED street lights

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As we know, solar LED street lights includes four important components which are the solar panel, battery energy storage part, controller and housing.

1, Solar panels

The solar panel is one of the most important parts of a solar LED street light. The solar panels include mono crystal or poly crystal. Higher efficiency conversion rate, fine processed, uniform in color. The mono crystalline silicon is more popular. But when it comes to power, the volume of poly silicon will be larger.

2, Battery energy storage part

The battery includes the lead-acid colloid maintenance-free battery and lithium battery.

The Lead-acid batteries have less life cycle than lithium batteries, and have memory at the same time. They can't discharge 100% and only have a discharge depth of 75%.

Lithium batteries include lithium iron phosphate batteries and ternary lithium batteries. Lithium iron phosphate batteries must be more expensive than ternary lithium. The lithium battery are the main parts, it decides the life-span and lighting time of the solar LED street light. There is no doubt that lithium batteries will be more and more used in the future.

We don't recommend use the lithium iron. The price of lithium iron is 1/3 higher than that of ternary lithium. As long as lithium iron is used as solar energy on the market, all batteries and old batteries are used. The disassembled batteries can ensure the price. But the service life isn't guaranteed. Therefore, if you see that iron lithium is cheaper than the ternary lithium. You know it must be a disassembled battery.

3, Controllers

The controllers have different suppliers and different qualities. The smart controller is self-developed. If you choose to buy, even big brands will have problems. It depends on the mastery of the assembly plant's plan.

4, The Housing

The material of the light housing is die-cast aluminum material, ABS plastic material and so on. In comparison, the effect of die-casting is the better. And it can resist bad weather, such as typhoons.

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