How solar lights work?

Today we reveal the secret of the luminescence of solar lights, which is the responsibility of the premium developer Hans-Martin Ehlers. His passion and mission: save energy! Hans-Martin Ehlers has been working as a lighting expert at Zololight for 10 years. Very successful – the solar lights always glow all night, even if there is insufficient light during the day. How does it work?

A qualified electrical engineer describes himself as a “child of a power plant”, which hints at his apprenticeship at an energy supplier. The interest in everything related to power generation is obvious. He was particularly impressed by the changes in renewable energy and the opportunities to save energy with modern building technology.

Hans-Martin Ehlers said:” The theme of sustainability is closely related to me, not only at work but also in private. So I established my own energy-saving house in the country, and through it my energy supplier gets a low annual bill every year. Thanks to the latest building automation technology, our house simply reduces its energy consumption to a minimum when we leave it. In addition, I started early at home to use led lights replace ordinary lights. We have many solar lights in our large garden. In addition, I can get 100% green electricity and tell my wife exactly how much water she uses every day!” I don’t know if she is satisfied.

Solar lights with savings tricks

Ehlers uses not only this savings potential in his house near Bad Schwartau, but also applies it consistently to quality management. Hans-Martin is convinced of the quality of the solar lights: “We use some tricks to increase the lighting time. Solar lights turn on and off every microsecond. This is invisible to the human eye, but it ensures that the solar lights can shine for much longer. This efficient method also means that the solar lights do not need a lot of sunlight to provide brightness. In the future, we will pay more and more attention to on-demand lighting. Similar to motion detectors, the solar lights should light up briefly when someone passes by them. “

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