How to choose solar camping lights

Before you hit the road, it’s important to bring some lights for your camping trip. While there are many choices for in-camp lighting, solar camping lights are one of the best options for lighting your campsite. as it provides more visibility being hung from a hook or placed on a flat surface.

What are the characteristics that you should look for when buying your first one? below are performance factors to consider when comparing lamps.

1. Size, Weight, and Comfort

Solar Lights these days are compact and lightweight, even when you start moving into the high-performance options. Steer clear of anything big and heavy; they are awkward to use and a waste of space. Make sure you are comfortable with the light, especially when it comes to headlamps.

2. Lumens

Lumen is a measure to determine the amount of light that the solar-powered camping lights can provide.The higher the lumens, the brighter you can expect the device to be. However, since color can also affect one’s perception of brightness, you may combine this parameter with lumens in deciding which one is brighter for you. Most campsites only need lighting under 100 lumens for people who enjoy doing activities like reading in their tents or for just poking around camp during nighttime. About 200 lumens is sufficient to see around the tent site, and over 300 lumens is excellent for parties or gatherings. Portable solar umbrella lantern candle light offers 150 lumens for its high power mode, so you can use this mode to lighten up dark spaces.

3. Efficiency

I am referring to the efficiency of the solar panel on your lantern. Take into consideration under which conditions a solar lantern will charge. Good quality panels allow charging even on cloudy days.

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