Outdoor solar string lights in different places

Outdoor solar string lights are one of the most tried-and-true options for patio lighting. When hung over an outdoor living room or dining table, solar string lights provide a warm, inviting ambiance that’s perfect for late-night conversations and intimate dinners with family and friends.

Solar string lights are used in pavilions

When applied correctly, outdoor solar string lights also can be used for parties, get-togethers, dinner engagements and even at weddings! Think about it, you can charge the solar lights in the day prior to the event, keeping the switch in the off position. Then, when an event is planned, the lights can be installed and simply switched on for the party. No need for connecting to a power supply or having extension cords running all over the place. And when the party’s over, just pack them up and charge accordingly prior the next soiree.

String lights used in weddings

Don’t have a patio? Consider hanging solar string lights on the front porch! I love how these warm solar lights add so much character to this already amazing porch. A porch of any size would be so cute with lights strung back and forth like this.

Entertaining Outdoors Using String Lights Gorgeous Porch with String Lights

Wrapping trees with solar string lights is another great way to incorporate some sparkle into your outdoor space. You can keep things simple and wrap just one tree, or go all out and wrap a number of trees on your property. Try to stick with white lights to keep the look elegant.

deck with tree and solar string lights

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