Six Solar Light Popularity Rankings (2021 Latest Edition)

It is really a bit troublesome when you want to set up lighting tools in gardens or parking lots, but worried that installing wires is too labor-intensive and unsafe, and the style of installing batteries must be changed frequently. As long as there is a “solar lamp” that can be charged by sunlight, all worries and troubles can be solved at one time. It is really convenient to save energy, environmental protection and electricity.

Today, we will introduce some tips for choosing solar lamps. Ten popular high-quality products are recommended, such as anti-theft inductive design, convenient automatic light control function, light style that can be used as emergency lighting, or fashionable style that is most suitable for decorating courtyard atmosphere, etc. All kinds of products are available. I hope you can find your favorite products among them!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Lights

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of solar lights.


As long as it absorbs sunlight, it can be charged without additional wires, and it is free to place it in any position. What’s more, it is also very happy not to spend electricity. Because there is no need to rely on electric wires for power supply, it can still operate continuously even in case of natural disasters and other emergencies, and the safety and convenience are very high.


On the other hand, because solar lamps can only rely on sunlight, the duration and effect of lighting would be influenced by the daily weather, especially for some areas with short sunshine time.

If the solar panel and lamp are integrated, the installation location would be limited, and the place where sunlight can be used must be selected to ensure charging and normal operation. If you want to place freely and design the courtyard landscape according to your preferred aesthetic feeling, please carefully observe the sunshine time and angle before purchasing, and confirm whether the model can meet the requirements.

Key Points of Choosing Solar lights

Solar lights are not limited by wires and batteries, and can be placed in various ways according to their own creativity. The following will detail the selection points applicable to different purposes.

If you want to use it daily, please pay attention to whether there is automatic light control function

Solar lights not only do not need to replace batteries and pipelines, but also can be used for courtyard landscaping and as anti-theft lamps. If you want to use it every day because of this demand, don’t forget to confirm whether the product is equipped with automatic light control function. When the surrounding environment is dark, it will start on its own, so it is not necessary to spend time repeatedly switching on and off every day.

Confirm the location of the solar panels

When you want to use it for courtyard landscaping, the position of solar panels will greatly affect the visual effect and convenience of use. On the market, some solar lamps will be connected with solar panels, and some styles can be set separately.

The style of separate design of solar panels and lights has extremely high degree of freedom in use; As long as the sunshine is good at the place where the solar panels are placed, the lamps can be placed wherever they want; On the contrary, the integrated style of solar panels and lamps has more restrictions on the installation location, and must be placed in a location that can stably absorb sunlight in order to operate normally.

If you want to place it between the shadows of plants to create visual effects, it is suggested to choose separate commodities to be more free in lighting design; When you want to put it on both sides of the walkway and other places with sufficient sunshine, it is very convenient to choose an integrated style.

If you have pets, you should pay attention to the installation location and the presence or absence of wires

Because solar lamps basically do not need to use wires, besides being cleaner and fresher visually, they can also successfully avoid the danger of people tripping accidentally or injuries caused by small animals such as cats and dogs touching by mistake. However, some products with separate solar panels and lamps still need to use wires, and some styles of lamps may generate heat. Therefore, if there are young children or pets in the home, don’t forget to carefully confirm the type of products before purchasing, and set the solar lamps in the safest place.

After having a basic understanding of solar lights, let us take a look at the good products on the market that should not be missed!

A retro lamp with extremely high decoration, tactful metal bracket curve, and soft yellow light with excellent atmosphere are most suitable for matching with courtyards or promenades full of flowers, which are placed in multiple groups, just like being in the beautiful world of classical painting. As the solar panel is located at the top, as long as the sunshine angle is ensured during setting, the light can be continuously lit for 8-10 hours under the condition of full electricity, and the use is very reassuring. However, the volume of this product is slightly larger, and the courtyard that is not wide enough may be difficult to achieve the ideal landscaping effect.

Simple and generous small wall lights

No matchmaking, as long as it is directly fixed on the wall surface, the light volume does not occupy space, and the simple white color system is even more versatile. The fuselage made of environment-friendly materials can resist high temperature, corrosion, waterproof and moisture. After long-term use, you don’t have to worry too much in case of wind and rain. In addition to the basic automatic light control, it also has a convenient infrared sensing function. Usually, it adopts a slightly bright mode, and when someone approaches, it will automatically turn on the full light, which can not only save energy, but also achieve the anti-theft effect. However, the wall surface needs to be damaged when installing screws, and the tenants must communicate clearly with the landlord before setting up.

This solar lamp is also of plug-in design, and the solar panel is integrated with the lamp, but there are many more links that can be freely adjusted. In addition to determining the illumination angle of the lamp itself according to preference, the solar panel at the top can rotate 360 degrees left and right and 180 degrees up and down. Even if the shape is low, it can still ensure the absorption of sunlight as much as possible. Although this method will still have certain restrictions on the installation site, the degree of freedom is obviously higher than that of other models of the same type, and the range and angle of illumination are even more unlimited.

The best helper for home and store decoration,Fast and highly decorative linear lamp strings can freely exert their creativity, such as winding on flowers and plants, stuffing in glass containers to make personalized lighting, or decorating along walls and corners. The ever-changing installation methods are very interesting, and the general mode and flashing mode have excellent atmosphere.

When necessary, it can also be replaced with rechargeable batteries, and the separate solar panels are not limited in setting up, which is very convenient in indoor or semi-outdoor spaces. It is most suitable for restaurants, bars and other business places, or for parties, parties, festivals and other large and small activities at home. It is also very good, making it easy for you to create a romantic and unique visual style!

Super wide angle sensing, anti-theft is the best,The solar lamp with anti-theft function with ultra-high brightness and ultra-wide angle design, the infrared sensor at the bottom can detect a large range of 180 degrees with a radius of 9.1 meters. The waterproof function, coupled with the convenient separate design, makes the installation of lamps and solar panels more unlimited.

In addition to the left and right lamp panels, which can freely adjust the illumination angle and direction and control the brightness of the environment according to requirements, details such as detection distance, lighting seconds, constant lighting or not can also be freely set. For users whose main purpose is to prevent theft, it is definitely the best choice among many styles!

Lightweight and versatile, also suitable for disaster prevention.The translucent body exudes an excellent atmosphere, and the comfortable and soft yellow light is even more beautiful. Durable and fall-resistant features, coupled with high-grade waterproof effect, can be used in various occasions such as indoor, outdoor, camping lighting, party decoration or swimming pool carnival!

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