Solar Animal Lights

Solar animal lights are designed in various lifelike animal shapes, brighten up your garden, and add character, charm, or decoration to any outdoor space. It is great fun. You can create a magical setting in your garden, yard, patio, etc. Then animal solar lights give any outdoor space injection of feel-good vibes. In addition, it is also the perfect gift for friends and family for Christmas, Halloween, etc.

Solar powered, no wiring, no replace the battery. Our solar animal and other garden lights turn on at dusk and shut off at dawn. In addition, these LED animal solar lights last working time for 8-10 hours after charge. These staked animal lights are easy to install, and you just plug the stakes into the ground. In addition, it is IP65 waterproof. So these animal lights can withstand all bad weather conditions of rain, wind, and snow. Perfect for outdoor decoration.

Zolo Light supplies various animal shapes of solar lights bulb. Such as owl statue lights, cat dog paw print lights, butterfly and dragonfly lights, animal lights with lanterns, etc. They look like real animals. Then these cute animal lights add a little more joy to your outdoor space. Also, the material of the LED bulb can be metal, plastic, resin, PVC, ABS, acrylic, etc.

    27 Products

    • solar turtle light 1

      Solar turtle light with succulent is an outdoor garden statue light designed with a simulated turtle, perfect for the patio, yard, balcony, and lawn decor. This turtle light is cute in shape and brings an impression. The dimensions of this turtle statue are an ideal size. Our turtle is sculpted with vivid succulent and hand-painted with natural stone color and real colorful succulent. In addition, this turtle light captures great details with realistic succulents and 6 LED lights. It is solar-powered, and no wiring. IP55 Waterproof.

    • hummingbird solar lights 1

      Hummingbird solar lights are decorative outdoor lights designed in the shape of hummingbirds and powered by solar energy, suitable for garden decoration. Hummingbirds mean peace and tranquility. The vivid hummingbirds will fly in your garden during the day. The solar wind spinner adopts a very cute Hummingbird shape. Meanwhile, the metal tail of this hummingbird can rotate with the wind. These lights are designed with cracked glass and add an artistic sense to your garden.

    • gnome solar lights 1

      Gnome solar lights with holding lanterns are flocked resin garden gnome statues outdoor decor, perfect for outdoor gardens, patios, porches, lawns, etc. The dimensions of this garden gnome statue are 25cm L*13cm W*32cm H. These gnome lights add a playful and whimsical touch, making your yard more vivid. Our gnome statue boasts a unique design. The gnome holds a welcome sign in his left hand and a lantern in his right hand. These funny gnome solar lights will make a lovely addition to your garden. They are solar-powered, and no need for wiring. IP44 waterproof.

    • bird solar lights 1

      Bird solar lights are outdoor landscape lighting with the cute appearance of lifelike bird statues, the perfect outdoor decor for the garden, yard, tree, etc.

    • Solar chicken coop light

      Solar chicken coop light with timer is a solar-powered light designed for the chicken coop or shed, and choose from four timer settings with remote control. This chicken coop light provides a rated power of 7W, enough to light up an entire chicken coop. You can charge the chicken coop light with a solar panel or a USB cable. You can choose from four timer settings: 30 minutes, 2 hours, 5 hours, and 10 hours. Solar chicken coop light has four lighting modes: High 300LM, Medium 150LM, Low 75LM, and SOS.

    • Squirrel Solar Light

      Squirrel solar light with garden stake features the cute appearance of lifelike squirrel statues, the perfect outdoor decor for the garden, yard, lawn, etc. It creates beautifully detailed squirrel statues. This squirrel statue is a sweet addition to your front or backyard garden, making your outdoor space feel instantly more inviting. They are solar-powered with no wiring. IP55 Waterproof. Include two squirrel light and garden stakes.

    • frog solar lights 1

      Frog solar lights with stakes are outdoor landscape lighting in the shape of a frog lying on a lotus leaf, the perfect decor for the garden, patio, etc. The realistic frog design brings a vibrant vibe to your garden. Solar frog has a bright LED lamp bead and emits a warm yellow light at night. They are solar powered, no electricity required. IP65 Waterproof.

    • solar bird feeder

      Solar bird feeder is a metal wild bird feeder light with a retro hollow-out or mosaic lantern design, the perfect outdoor decor for the garden, yard, etc. This wild bird feeder is a great way to attract birds to your garden. Retro lantern shapes. Hollow-out and mosaic patterns. Easy to Refill Seed. Solar powered, no wiring required. IP65 Waterproof.

    • Solar paw print lights

      Solar paw print lights feature the adorable paw design and look like an actual dog, cat, or bear animal paw print, great for the garden, lawn, or sidewalk. They provide the illusion of paw prints, allowing you to sense like your cat or dog is around. When night falls, these super cute paw print lights will light your garden with a rainbow glow. Set of 4 paws. Three color variations of white light, warm light, and multi-color. They are solar-powered with no wiring. IP65 Waterproof.

    • flamingo solar lights

      Flamingo solar lights with garden stakes are designed in a cute pink flamingo shape, the perfect outdoor decor lights for the garden, lawn, walkway, etc. It is delicate and elegant. These flamingo lights add a touch of nature to your garden. They are solar-powered with no wiring. IP55 Waterproof. Include one flamingo light and garden stakes.

    • Solar ladybug lights

      Solar ladybug lights with 20/30 LEDs feature highly simulated ladybug shape designs, the perfect fairy decor for the outdoor garden, Christmas, party, etc. The lifelike ladybug decor makes your garden, patio, and yard more attractive. They are solar-powered, with no need for electricity or wiring. IP44 Waterproof.

    • peacock solar light

      Peacock solar light with garden stake features a metal peacock and crackle glass ball design, the perfect outdoor decor for your garden, lawn, yard, etc.