Solar Curtain Lights

Solar curtain lights with fairy consist of multiple strings of light hanging vertically, the perfect outdoor decor for your window, party, wedding, etc. They are not part of the curtain, nor do they keep out the light as curtains do. Instead, the effect looks like a cascade of twinkling lights. In addition, these curtain lights add a warm and charming ambiance indoors & outdoors. And create a warm, joyful, and festive atmosphere.

Solar powered, no wiring, and no additional costs. You can place the solar-powered curtain lights in a sunny place, then they can stay lighting for 8-12 hours at night. In addition, you can hang curtain lights on a regular wall or on top of a window. Then the lights hang down on vertical cords or wires. These curtain lights are IP65 waterproof. So they can withstand all bad weather conditions of rain, wind, and snow.

Buy outdoor solar LED curtain lights online at Zolo Light. We supply various styles of curtain lights bulb. Such as solar wish ball lights, star lights, star moon string lights, etc. In addition, you can also find curtain lights of various sizes. With a range of colors and lengths, add an enchanting sparkle to your garden that looks great all year round!