Solar Garden Lights

As a decorative feature, solar garden lights will provide a warm ambient glow for your flower beds, lawns, sidewalks, and gardens without wiring required. They can be free-standing into the ground look like an elegant lamp post.

The stylish garden light on top collects energy from the sun during the day so that it will auto illuminate each night. So you need to put the lights in a sunny spot during the day, let it charge. Converting solar power into electric energy by absorbing the sunlight, the process greatly reduces carbon emission. Thus, it doesn’t only protect the environment also saves a certain amount of electricity bills for each family. Meanwhile, the wireless solar lights can light up your garden or pathway without the hassle of running cables.

The solar garden lights may not provide super bright light. So if you are looking for a stronger source of light, you can buy the solar spotlight. To get the best effect from your solar light, place a few of them along a pathway or driveway. Of course, you can also choose floodlights to help improve the safety or the architecture of a building.

Most lights are placed around gardens to show the outline of the garden at night. It helps prevent people from stepping on gardens in the dark. The late evening always the best with a soft glow covering everything, the energy efficiency, have no negative effect on the environment. At the same time, they also add a touch of beauty and atmosphere to a garden. Whether you’re hosting dinner parties on the lawns or planning the BBQs, the lights can add plenty of ambiances.

92 Products

  • solar rock lightssolar rock lights 6

    Solar rock lights feature a unique natural rock appearance and adjustable LED spot head, the perfect outdoor landscape for your garden, lawn, pathway, etc. These rock lights can blend with your garden. They feature an adjustable LED spot head. The adjustable lighting angle is 45° to swivel up and down. Two lighting modes: warm white at 3000K and cold light at 5000K. They are solar powered, IP65 Waterproof.

  • solar umbrella lights 1solar umbrella lights 2

    Solar umbrella lights are patio umbrella lights integrating shade, shelter, power, and lighting, the perfect outdoor decor for the patio, beach, deck, etc. They have 104 LEDs. Fit umbrellas with an 8-rib construction (Umbrella Not Included). Solar Powered/USB Charging. Wireless remote control. IP65 Waterproof.

  • Solar Cherry Blossom LightsSolar Cherry Blossom Lights 14

    Solar Cherry Blossom Lights 23ft 50 LEDs are designed with cute cherry blossom shapes, the perfect fairy decor for outdoor gardens, lawns, Christmas, etc. Cherry blossoms symbolize new life and bring a sense of vitality and vibrancy. These beautiful lights aim to make you feel like nature and add vitality to your life. They are solar-powered, with no need for batteries. IP65 Waterproof. Includes 50 cherry blossom lights, and one solar unit.

  • Squirrel Solar LightSquirrel Solar Light 8

    Squirrel solar light with garden stake features the cute appearance of lifelike squirrel statues, the perfect outdoor decor for the garden, yard, lawn, etc. It creates beautifully detailed squirrel statues. This squirrel statue is a sweet addition to your front or backyard garden, making your outdoor space feel instantly more inviting. They are solar-powered with no wiring. IP55 Waterproof. Include two squirrel light and garden stakes.

  • solar planter lights 1solar planter lights 4

    Solar planter lights are outdoor planters with solar lights for placing your potted plants and flowers in flower pots, perfect for the garden, patio, etc. The flowerpot provides a controlled environment for plants to grow. These planter lights attract attention to your plants, flowers, and landscaping. Solar powered, no wiring required. IP44 Waterproof.

  • frog solar lights 1frog solar lights 9

    Frog solar lights with stakes are outdoor landscape lighting in the shape of a frog lying on a lotus leaf, the perfect decor for the garden, patio, etc. The realistic frog design brings a vibrant vibe to your garden. Solar frog has a bright LED lamp bead and emits a warm yellow light at night. They are solar powered, no electricity required. IP65 Waterproof.

  • Solar chicken coop lightSolar chicken coop light 12

    Solar chicken coop light with timer is a solar-powered light designed for the chicken coop and shed, choose from four timer settings with remote control. This light provides a rated power of 7W, enough to light up an entire chicken coop. You can charge the chicken coop light with a solar panel or a USB cable. You can choose from four timer settings: 30 minutes, 2 hours, 5 hours, and 10 hours. Solar chicken coop light has four lighting modes: High 300LM, Medium 150LM, Low 75LM, and SOS.

  • solar house number lightsolar house number light 12

    Solar house number light is an outdoor solar house address sign light with smart control, the perfect decoration for the garden, yard, eaves, porch, etc. This address sign light has an adjustable design, so the solar panel rotates up to 350° to ensure it can get enough sunlight for different seasons. Solar powered, no wiring. Three lighting modes: 2700K warm white, 4000k natural white, and 6500K cool white. IP65 waterproof

  • Solar Moon LightSolar Moon Light 5

    Solar Moon Light with garden stake features a hollow-out crescent moon pattern and a crackle glass globe design, adding a charming addition to your garden. This light looks like moon staff while showing off the beautiful moon pattern. Warm white LED. Then the light shining through the hollow moon will cast an amazing shadow on the wall. Solar powered, no wiring. IP55 waterproof. Includes one Solar Moon Light, garden stake, and an instruction manual.

  • Solar Bollard LightsSolar Bollard Lights 8

    Solar bollard lights are outdoor led bollard pathway lights with a unique matte finish on the lampshade, the perfect decor for the garden, pathway, etc. These bollard lights feature a plastic lampshade that can refract light. In addition, the non-glaring effect better marks your path. Solar powered, no wires or electricity required. IP44 waterproof.

  • solar bird feedersolar bird feeder 13

    Solar bird feeder is a metal wild bird feeder light with a retro hollow-out or mosaic lantern design, the perfect outdoor decor for the garden, yard, etc. This wild bird feeder is a great way to attract birds to your garden. Retro lantern shapes. Hollow-out and mosaic patterns. Easy to Refill Seed. Solar powered, no wiring required. IP65 Waterproof.

  • Solar Torch LightSolar Torch Light 7

    Solar torch light with flickering flame features realistic dancing flames with a classic hollow torch body design for the outdoor garden, patio, yard, etc. This solar torch light is a safe alternative to real flames. 96 LEDs. They are solar-powered with no wiring. IP65 waterproof. Including two torch lights, two longer ground stakes, two plastic ground spikes, and an instruction manual.