Solar light: charge once, light up for six months

Energy-saving, portable, elegant, light (almost) endless.

It sounds almost like a perpetual motion machine: after only charging once, either with electricity or integrated solar cells, the solar light can light up for six months. This is worthy of praise, but this solar light is also praised for its portability (can be fixed anywhere with a magnetic clip), motion sensor function, and simple and natural design.

Motion detector: According to the manufacturer, if the light is used as a night road sign for a toilet or refrigerator, it can stay bright for the entire six months. In the case of maximum brightness, the battery will be used up in 4 hours, at this time it must be plugged into a socket to charge, or the light must be placed in the sun.

The developers from Los Angeles believe that the shell of the few solar lights on the market are made of metal. For this reason,the developers designed a small bracket through which this light can be placed in a magnetic place.

According to the manufacturer, the luminosity is 240 lumens and the LED is covered with a diffuser film to achieve better and eye-friendly light scattering.

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