Solar Light Panels Work and Features?

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Solar light panels are made of photovoltaic (PV) modules, these PV modules usually comprise of high-quality solar cells made of crystalline silicon. PV cells are used for converting light energy received from the sun into electrical energy to be used or stored for later use.

How do Solar Light Panels Work?

A solar light panel system comprises numerous solar (or photovoltaic) cells and the system is either connected or not connected to the main power grid. If the system is connected to the grid, then DC power generated through PV panels is converted to AC power using a power conditioning unit. The power produced is added to a 220V single-phase line grid or an 11 KV three-phase line grid as per the system installed in the locality. The power generated during the day is used for powering lighting sys systems. The excess power is fed to the grid subject to its availability. A non-grid solar light panel system needs a backup system in the form of a full load bearing battery, power conditioning system and advanced load management equipment.


Solar light panels are very hardy and wear out very slowly. Across a full year, the effectiveness of these panel reduces by a mere one-two per cent or less.

Along with decreasing the dependability on traditional power sources and fossil fuels, solar panels do not generate harmful greenhouse gases that pollute the environment.

Individual solar or PV cells are made of semiconductor elements (e.g. silicon) and are electricity producing devices in their own capacity. PV cells are available in different shapes and sizes and may have a maximum length of several inches.

PV cells are put together in the form of PV modules that may be a few feet wide and several feet long.

The PV modules, in combination, can form PV arrays of different power output and sizes. The size of arrays depends on users’ needs and the amount of sunlight available in the area where installed.

The solar light panel system comprises of PV modules, electrical connections, mounting hardware, power conditioning equipment and batteries for storing the generated electricity.

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