Solar Lighting for Outbuilding, courtyard

Why Solar light ?

First off, let’s assume that you have a long garden and getting mains power to the Outbuilding would be a pain.Solar is the opposite of all mentioned above.outdoor solar lights are wire-free and simple to install. There is no wiring to hide or bury and no high-level electrical knowledge to obtain or contractor to call.

This solar motion sensor wall light is easy to install with a slim solar panel and clip on style bracket. It is motion activated, which means When someone approaches(and as long as you are within range: 2m – 6.5m) the light will turn on and stay on all the time you are in there. This is the smaller sensor light we have which can also be used as a basic security light. (You could use the higher powered security lights in your Pavilion but it may be a little overkill if it is only a small area!) It is not designed to stay on for hours though, so I would suggest installing more sensor lights together if you wanted to lighting for More areas.

Find the high point of the potential device

You need to find a potential high place where you can affix your light. This will maximize your ability to collect light for the sun. If you use solar wireless motion sensor security wall light, you can reduce the amount of time you have to spend doing maintenance.

Charge Solar Lights

Before installing your new solar lights, charge them first. Each of your new outdoor lighting fixtures will need at least 7 to 8 hours of sunlight to fully charge before you can install them. You can charge the new lights over a period of two days, if necessary. Leave them outdoors in a sunny place so the batteries are fully powered before you install your new lights.

With many long summer nights looming, the solar motion sensor wall light makes stylish outdoor entertaining easy and energy-efficient.

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