Solar lights with automatic coercion and LED

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Solar Lights with automatic coercion and LED are driven by solar energy, and light intensity is controlled according to brightness from morning to night. Compared with other Lights, solar powered street Lights can save a lot of power, and traditional street Lights always keep the maximum intensity after they are turned on.

Solar LED Street Light

The working principle of solar street Lights is that solar cells or photovoltaic cells absorb solar energy during the day, and PV cells will convert into electricity. The converted energy is stored in the battery and the solar street light uses solar energy. At night, solar street lights automatically start and use the electricity stored in batteries. This process continues every day with light-emitting diodes including compounds. When direct current from the battery passes through the light, it emits light. Solar LED has different shapes, styles and sizes. Usually, the lifetime of light emitting diodes is very high and it requires very little current.

Solar LED Street Light Working with Automatic Intensity Control Circuit and Its Working Principle

Solar LED street lights are activated from dusk to dawn. LED street lights turn on automatically after dusk and turn off automatically after dawn. The whole system design includes: solar panels, LED lights, rechargeable batteries, controllers, poles and interconnection cables.

Solar panels

Solar panels or photovoltaic cells are one of the most important components in solar street Lights. There are two types of these batteries: single crystal and polycrystalline. Single crystal conversion is higher than polycrystalline. Solar panels use solar energy from the sun to convert solar energy into electricity, which can be used in a variety of applications. The electrical connection of the project is in series to realize O / P voltage and provide parallel current facility connection. Most modules use silicon (Si), but most solar panels are fixed.

Light Emitting Diodes

LED is used in modern street Lights to provide brighter light and lower energy consumption. The energy consumption of LED Lights is lower than that of high-pressure sodium Lights commonly used in traditional street Lights. Compared with other Lights, LED Lights do not generate light in all directions. The design of the Light can be achieved by the uniqueness of the LED. A single LED o / p is not equal to incandescent and fluorescent Lights. However, a bunch of LEDs will provide brighter light than these two Lights.

Rechargeable battery

A rechargeable battery is a battery that has an electromechanical reaction to regulate, so it is also called a secondary battery. Generally, there are two types of batteries, namely gel battery deep circulation and lead acid batteries. Rechargeable batteries are used in solar LED street lights that store the electricity generated from solar panels during sunrise to provide energy at sunset. The useful life and capacity of rechargeable batteries is essential because they affect the number of days that the Light is powered.


The controller is a very important device in solar street lights that is used to determine the state of charging and lighting by turning it on or off. Some recent controllers are pre-programmed and include battery chargers, LED light drivers, drivers, auxiliary power supplies, MCUs and protection circuits. The controller can control the battery based on undercharge and overcharge conditions. The battery can be charged by the power received from the solar panel at sunrise and the battery is charged at sunset. Each street light and solar street light must use a strong rod with various components such as a panel, a battery and a fixture fixed to the top of the pole. In this case, the i / p operating voltage is 12V DC, which is the nominal system voltage, and the 12 oft height of the light o / p is a minimum of 09 LUX (brightness units).

Interconnection cable

The cable is used to interconnect LEDs, solar panels and battery boxes fixed on the top of poles. The cable is used to connect the photovoltaic module to the controller and the controller to the Light and battery. The size and length of the cable depends on the current of the LED Light and the height of the pole. The entire solar LED street Light system can be assembled using all of the above components, which use solar energy to provide power for LED lights fixed on street poles.

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