Solar motion sensor lights provide lighting when needed

It is true that summer days are longer than autumn or winter days, but at certain times, the sun always goes down and it gets dark. The entrance to the house is safe when it is well lit: it is easy to step on or trip over in the dark at night. Solar motion sensor lights are perfect for you to illuminate the front door, stairs and entrances. If you need light, they will automatically provide the necessary brightness.

Good solar lights can be used flexibly

In contrast to wired lamps, solar lights have more flexible use advantages. If necessary, you can quickly change the position of the lights. If you want to use solar lights outdoors, the solar lights must have the following characteristics: the protection level is at least IP44; these lights must not only have the function of splashing water, but also must be able to deal with the impact of foreign objects such as hailstones. The motion sensor can conveniently ensure that the light always shines when needed. It must be noted that the light will not dazzle passers-by or residents. Solar lights with opal glass can reliably prevent this from happening.

Use solar energy to save electricity

If the front door or garden is illuminated by solar lights, there is no need to lay a power connection. During the day, the sun charges the solar cells; when it is dark, the power in the battery ensures that the light glows. In order to be used in the shade, the efficiency of monocrystalline solar cells is higher than that of polycrystalline solar cells. Solar lighting is environmentally friendly because it does not require line power. If the solar lights are equipped with modern leds, they require relatively little energy to provide sufficient brightness: 5 watts can achieve the same luminosity as a 50 watt traditional incandescent lamp.

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