Solar String Lights

Solar string lights are a decorative lamp that is usually composed of several LED lights, which is powered by solar energy to create a festive ambiance. The lights use high-efficiency solar panels which convert solar energy into electricity. And stored in a built-in battery for LED lights.

The solar string lights are a great choice that will illuminate the whole place. As the name suggests, it is solar-powered and no more electricity consumption. Hence, you can save a lot of money on energy bills. Not only are they just as bright and decorative as other string lights, but they are so much more beautiful to look at.

This string light uses unique light control technology. They can ensure that the lamp charged during the day, and lit at night. Besides, this light has waterproof, easy installation, and sun protection. This product is widely used in roads, courtyards, shops, venues, stages, and other places. Especially they can create a warm and romantic festival atmosphere as a Christmas tree decoration solar lights.