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I loved your solar lights, I bought 10 boxes to send to my hometown in Puerto Rico cause they don’t have electric since hurricane Maria. They also loved them cause they don’t need to worry about buying batteries. I wish I could’ve bought more to send to those that weren’t able to get one. Thank you for such a great product.


Community Management, Northern Caribbean.

Love these lights!! I am very impressed with the amount of light these give off. If i leave the lights in the dim setting they last all night and make my house bright at night. Very pleasant to drive up to at night and see these lights do work. If the setting is left on the brightest setting it seems that they last about 6-7 hours but the bright setting is very bright. I use the bright setting just for spotlighting our flag and use the dim setting for the up lighting on the house!! Posting pics to show different light settings

Mrs. Kadri

Middle East

We used 3M outdoor to attach to our house without damaging our siding. Make sure you choose your setting before sticking since it’s on the part that will be touching your house. The light is bright when activated and stays on all night! Pictures are of the back corner of our house where we had a basketball hoop installed. It was so dark before you couldn’t see the hoop even with the outdoor lights on. These work perfectly and stay bright as long as he’s playing. We also installed on my kids swing set for evening/night time play. Also great for security of course as well.


Professional Engineering Student, St. Lucia

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