Best Solar Street Lights in 2023

Solar street lights have increased in popularity in recent years, and Zolo Light provides a buying guide and handpicks the best solar street lights in 2023. They are gradually replacing traditional street lights because they’re based on the most abundant and perpetual source of energy – the sun! The solar panel captures the daylight energy and stores it in the battery unit. Then, illuminate the outdoor area at night. They are perfect for commercial, personal use, cities, and rural areas. If you are looking for the best solar street lights, you have come to the right post.

best solar street lights

Buying Guide for the Best Solar Street Lights

There are hundreds of solar street light options in the markets. So, how do we choose a suitable and excellent quality one seems? Zolo Light provides a buying guide for the best solar street lights.

Number of LED lights

Almost all the solar street light options use LED light. Because they have a better lifespan and they are less power-hungry as well. The number of LED beads will determine the brightness of the lamp. The more the number of light beads, the better the light transmittance and the higher the brightness provided by the light. In that case, you must check the number of LED lights.


You can check the brightness of the lights. Brightness is usually measured in lumens.


Solar-powered street lights absorb heat through the panel and store it in the battery. Therefore, the larger the battery capacity, the more energy will be stored. Then the lights will work longer at night. That being said, please ensure to work at least 6-8 hours in the evening. In addition, the life of the battery is also very important. Otherwise, you will need to replace the batteries frequently.

Lights shade material

There are many types of solar street lights on the market. According to different materials, plastic materials or metal materials. The general price of plastic materials will be much cheaper, but because the lights’ self-heating is more serious, it is recommended to choose aluminum alloy. So the performance is more stable, and longer service life.

Waterproof Rating

As we all know, almost all solar street lights are installed outdoors. So, you need to check the waterproof rating of the light. To ensure they can withstand all kinds of outdoor weather, such as storms, rain, dust, etc.

4 Best Solar Street Lights

1, Solar Arena Lights UFO Shape

solar arena lights 1


Dimensions: 63 × 63 × 12 cm
Solar Panel: 6V 25W
Panel Size: 592*193mm
Battery: 3.2V20AH
Material: PC+ABS
LED: 450pcs, SMD5730
Lamp Size: 610*610*95mm
Watts: 500W
CCT: 6000-6500K
Lumen: 850
Lighting time: ≥4H-6H
Charging time: ≥12H-14H
Lighting Area: 180㎡
Lighting Height: 3-4m
Installation Methods: Wall, Pole
Lighting Modes: Light Sensor+Motion Sensor+Remote
IP Rating: IP65


Solar arena lights with UFO shape feature the UFO round post shape design with 360° wide angle lighting for the horse arena, riding arena, stadium, etc. This arena light has 450 ultra-bright LEDs that emit 850 lumens with 360° wide-angle lighting. It is enough to cover up to 180 m² arenas. Solar powered, no wiring. IP65 waterproof. You have the option of either wall mounting or pole mounting.

2, Solar Paver Lights with Ice Brick

solar paver lights


Dimensions: 20.2 × 10.6 × 7 cm
Solar Panel: 2V 120mAh
Battery: 1.2V 600mAh
Material: Plastic+ABS
LED Color: Warm White, Cold White
Lighting time: ≥6H-8H
Charging time: ≥6H-12H
Lighting Modes: Light Sense
Work Circumstance: -25C to +75C
IP Rating: IP65


Solar paver lights with ice brick are outdoor solar brick landscape paver lights that provide perfect lighting for your garden, yard, patio, driveway, etc. These paver lights look pretty attractive and make the light disperse equally in all directions. They are made of imitation glass material (ABS). The appearance looks as beautiful as a real glass brick block. These paver lights will give people a beautiful modern feeling. They are solar-powered, and no electricity is required. These solar paver lights can work up to 8-12 hours after a full charge. IP65 Waterproof.

3, Solar Dock Lights with 6 LEDs

Solar Dock Lights 1


Dimensions: 13.5 × 12.5 × 5 cm
Solar Panel: 0.3W 2.5V/120MA
Battery: 1.2V/600MAH NI-MH
Material: Aluminum alloy + PC Item
LED Color: Yellow, White, Red, Blue, Green
Lighting time: ≥6H-8H
Charging time: ≥12H
IP Rating: IP65


Solar dock lights with 6 LEDs emit intense and steady light, giving you warm softer outdoor lighting, ideal for the deck, boat dock, driveway, pathway, etc. Solar dock lights have 6 high-quality LED beads that emit an intense and steady light. They give you warm softer outdoor lighting. With multiple units, your dock or deck will provide an elegantly lit pathway. Solar powered, no additional wires or power source. IP65 Waterproof.

4, Solar Flag Pole Lights

solar flag pole lights 1


Dimensions: 22 × 22 × 3.5 cm
Solar Panel: 6V 300mAh 1.8W
Battery: 3.7V 2500mAh 18650
Material: ABS
LED: 136pcs, 6W LED beads
Style: Round Shaped, Fan Shaped
Lighting time: ≥6H-8H
Charging time: ≥8H-10H
Work Circumstance: -35C to +40C
IP Rating: IP65


Solar flag pole lights are designed to be mounted on the top of a flag pole and use solar energy to power LED lights, illuminating flags and flagpoles. Solar flag pole lights use LED bulbs, which are energy-efficient and have a long lifespan. 136 LEDs can light up your flag with brilliant illumination throughout the night. Solar powered, no wiring, and no need for extra electricity fee. IP65 Waterproof.

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