How Long Do Tea Lights Burn

Tea lights are designed to burn for 3 to 6 hours, while solar tea lights use flameless candles and work for 6-12 hours at night after being fully charged. Tea light candles look very pretty and functional, making them a very popular interior decor item. Some smell great as well. Tea lights come in many different sizes, which has a significant impact on how long tea lights burn. But not all tea light candles are as good as described. Most tea lights have a relatively short burn time and burn in one session. In addition, there are potential risks of burning a tea light all night.

How Long Do Tea Lights Burn

Ordinary tea light candles have a fire hazard, and long-term burning may also release harmful gases. For those who need a seriously long-lasting tea light candle, solar tea light candles would be the perfect alternative. There are some quite pretty solar tea light candles. They have a flame shape and are very similar to the real deal. They are made of wax or ABS material and batteries and LED bulbs. In addition, they are a convenient and safe alternative to traditional wax candles.

Potential Risks of Tea Light Candles

1. Tea light candles are small candles contained in a thin metal cup that allows the wax to melt completely. However, the glass container may break due to excessive heat.

2. Never leave a lit tea light unattended. Like all naked flames, a naked tea light should never be left unattended. Ensuring it always pays to keep an eye on them in case flammable debris falls nearby. If combustible debris falls into the fire burning, it could lead to a secondary fire.

3. Position your tea lights in areas that are away from flammable items like curtains, paper, and napkins. They should also not be positioned in any areas where they may be easily knocked or bumped. Additional care should be taken around children and pets where they may brush clothing or fur unintentionally near the flame.

4. The tea light candles that are made of soft wax burn out faster than the ones made with hard wax. So people prefer buying hard wax candles such as beeswax. Other than beeswax, soy wax, blended wax, coconut wax, and almond wax are popular. In addition, if you float the light in water, the wax closest to the water will remain too cool to melt, and the wick will burn out sooner.

5. Some people use tea light candles made out of paraffin, but it may be bad for your lungs. Long-term burning may also release harmful gases.

Advantages of Solar Tea Lights

1. Without Fire Hazards

They offer the same cozy and warm glow without the risk of fire or messy wax spills. Unlike burning candles, flameless candles provide a cozy ambiance without the smoke, dripping wax, or safety concerns. These battery-powered alternatives are ideal for households with pets and young children, where there is a higher risk of candles being knocked over.

2. Versatile

Solar tea lights come in a variety of styles and colors, and the soft light is perfect for creating a relaxed atmosphere at home, and can also be used for outdoor activities, or as decoration in a variety of environments.

3. Green and environmental protection

Does not contain lead, mercury, and other polluting elements, no pollution to the environment.

4. Long-lasting

The high-quality battery ensures that these tea lights can last for over 150 hours, providing 20 times the lighting time of a real candle.

Best Solar Tea Light Candles

Solar Tea Light Candles with Flameless 6 Pieces

Solar Tea Light Candles


Dimensions: 16.5 × 11 × 7 cm
Solar Panel: 1.2V 100ma
Battery: 3A.300MA.1.2v
Material: ABS
LED Color: Yellow, Warm white, White
Lighting time: ≥6H-8H
Charging time: ≥7H-8H
Lighting Modes: Flash
IP Rating: IP65 Waterproof


Solar tea light candles look like real flameless candles and provide a flickering effect, the perfect outdoor decoration for your garden, Christmas, etc. These solar tea lights look like real flameless candles and provide a flickering effect. In addition, they will not produce melted wax drops. The realistic flame makes these wonderful candles flicker. Enjoy the cozy night with family and friends, and never worry about fire-related accidents again. Solar tea light candles measure 2.3 inches in height and 2.05 inches in diameter. Its size is bigger than most tea lights and votive candles. Solar powered, and no wiring. These solar candle lights can work 6-12 hours at night after a fully charged.

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