Solar Fan For Car Exhaust Fan


Solar fan for car is a mechanical exhaust fan powered by solar panels, extracting the hot air from the inside and helping to cool the interior of your car.

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Solar fan for car is a mechanical exhaust fan powered by solar panels, extracting the hot air from the inside and helping to cool the interior of your car. The design of three ducts and three motors improves the exhaust speed effectively. The solar exhaust fan rotates at 4500 revolutions per minute. Does not need the power supply inside the car.

The solar fan for car has many functions.

1. Eliminate harmful gases. When the temperature inside the car is too high, toxic gases such as toluene will be produced. Solar Powered exhaust fans can help to eliminate toxic gases.

2. Deodorization. It can help to keep the smell of smoke and sweat out of the car and keep the air fresh inside the car.

3. Cooling down. When you get into the car, you won’t feel stuffy anymore. It helps to lower the temperature.

4. Health. Air convection is good for health. It can provide you and your family with a healthy and comfortable environment.

5. Protection of electrical appliances. Because high temperatures can affect the performance and service life of electrical and electronic items in the car, the product can help to protect the electrical appliances.

How to install.

1. First, open the car door. Then, stand outside the car, pull the window halfway down, and fix the short strip on the far right side of the window.

2. After fixing the short strip, unfurl the exhaust fan to make the solar panel and the exhaust fan body form a certain angle. Overlap the recesses of the exhaust fan with the window. Close the exhaust fan to the short strip, adjust the proper position, and fix it.

3. Take out the long strip, and measure the length of the window on the left side of the exhaust fan. Cut out a long strip of the same length and fix the long strip on the car window, avoiding gaps in the window.

4. Inside the car, press the car exhaust fan against the car window to fit in with the gap of the strips on both sides.

5. Close the window slowly with your hand on the exhaust fan.

6. Adjust the angle of the solar panel, and make it face the angle of the incidence of the sun. Make the solar panel fully illuminated, and charge the nickel-metal hydride battery.


Firstly, the solar fan for car cannot be charged and used at the same time, you need to charge it and continue to use it. Once the exhaust fan stops rotating, this is a reminder that you need to recharge.

Then, it’s not a fan for car users, just an auto exhaust fan to circulate the air in your car. It does not lower the temperature like air conditioning. It can fit any car window. But if your car window has a current sensing function, please buy with caution.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 25 cm

Solar Fan For Car Auto Exhaust Fan

Solar Panel




Shell Color

Black, White

Product Dimensions



2.4 V

Rotational Speed






Working Time

About 5-6hours


Charging Mode

Solar, Solar+USB


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Solar Fan For Car Exhaust Fan

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