Solar Christmas Lights

Solar Christmas lights create an amazing holiday spirit for outdoor decoration, great for your Christmas tree, bushes, fence, patio, deck, mailbox, etc. They are the perfect lighting solution for outdoor spaces. In addition, these Christmas lights add a festive glimmer to the front yard or garden. Place these eye-catching decorations on your front stoop, lawn, or porch. Christmas is coming, and you can enjoy the perfect Christmas atmosphere.

Compared with traditional Christmas lights. Solar Christmas lights do not require wiring and sockets. Solar powered, no need to run a long extension cord from the inside out just to turn the light. You can place solar Christmas lights in a sunny place. Then, they will charge during the day and automatically light at night. In addition, these lights can work up to 8-10 hours after a full charge. Our Christmas lights are ip65 waterproof, so you can keep your Christmas cheer even on cloudy or snowy days.

Solar-powered LED lights have become one of the most popular choices for lighting up a garden at Christmas. You can choose solar Christmas lights in different shapes and styles, such as fairy lights, copper wire lights, shaped bulbs, globe lights, icicle lights, etc.

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    • cluster christmas lights 1

      Cluster Christmas lights are solar Christmas string lights that are arranged or grouped in clusters for decorative purposes, a great choice for Christmas. Before starting, have a plan for where you want to cluster the lights. Consider wrapping them around trees, bushes, fences, or any outdoor structure.

    • solar christmas tree lights 1

      Solar Christmas tree lights are decorative lights prepared for Christmas, specially used on Christmas trees to add a more fun atmosphere to the festival. Our lights are made of five-point star (Christmas tree) and 9-drop Christmas fairy lights. They have 350 super-bright LED light beads to light up Your garden. You can hang the star on the top of your tree/wall/roof or other support point. And then let the nine lines of little fairy lights drape naturally to the ground. The lights look like the waterfall in the night sky.

    • solar christmas tree 1

      A solar Christmas tree is a Christmas tree-like decoration that incorporates solar technology to illuminate the garden at night and add a festive atmosphere. It is a charming and eco-friendly garden decoration that brings a touch of holiday magic to your outdoor space. This tree-like ornament is designed to harness the power of the sun to illuminate your garden at night, creating a warm and festive atmosphere.

    • Solar Halloween pumpkin string lights -21% Off

      Solar Halloween pumpkin string lights with 30 LEDs consist of the smiley pumpkin lantern of 3D design, the perfect outdoor decor for your Halloween party. These pumpkin lights are one of the Halloween lights you must have. Decorate for your Halloween party or Haunted house with our Halloween pumpkin lights. They are 16.4ft in length with 30 LED Beads.  Solar Powered. IP65 Waterproof.

    • solar snowflake lights

      Solar snowflake lights with 100 LEDs feature cute snowflake shape bulbs arranged in strings, the perfect outdoor decoration for Christmas, weddings, etc. These snowflake lights create a romantic festival dreamy atmosphere during this wintry. They consist of twinkling 100 super bright LED light bulbs. Solar-powered and IP44 waterproof. You can install solar snowflake lights on Christmas trees, curtains, bedrooms, gardens, lawns, etc.

    • Solar Cherry Blossom Lights

      Solar Cherry Blossom Lights 23ft 50 LEDs are designed with cute cherry blossom shapes, the perfect fairy decor for outdoor gardens, lawns, Christmas, etc. Cherry blossoms symbolize new life and bring a sense of vitality and vibrancy. These beautiful lights aim to make you feel like nature and add vitality to your life. They are solar-powered, with no need for batteries. IP65 Waterproof. Includes 50 cherry blossom lights, and one solar unit.

    • Solar American flag lights -22% Off

      Solar American flag lights with 420 LEDs create a cool US flag lighting effect and display your patriotic spirit for Independence Day, National Day, etc. The flag lights feature an American Flag design. They are an original way to show your patriotism. The American flag lights have super high bright 420 red, white, and blue LED beads. Solar powered, no replace the battery. IP65 waterproof.

    • Solar Torch Light

      Solar torch light with flickering flame features realistic dancing flames with a classic hollow torch body design for the outdoor garden, patio, yard, etc. This solar torch light is a safe alternative to real flames. 96 LEDs. They are solar-powered with no wiring. IP65 waterproof. Including two torch lights, two longer ground stakes, two plastic ground spikes, and an instruction manual.

    • Solar Lighted Cross

      Solar lighted cross is a solar-powered eternal cross light designed for the grave and cemetery, the perfect tribute to the loss of a loved one or friend. The cross is a signal of faith, the memory of someone, a sacrifice, love, and more. This eternal lighted cross creates a peaceful atmosphere for the grave and cemetery when lights up. They are solar-powered with no wiring. IP44 waterproof. Including one cross light, one ground stake, and an instruction manual.

    • solar candy cane lights 1

      Solar Candy Cane Lights 12 Packs are waterproof candy cane pathway markers lights, the perfect outdoor Christmas decor for the garden, yard, pathway, etc. These beautiful lights add a touch of holiday cheer. They are solar-powered, with no need for batteries. IP44 waterproof makes you will never have to worry about rain and snow. Includes 12 candy cane lights, and one solar unit.

    • solar meteor shower lights

      Solar meteor shower lights 8 Tube 288 LEDs create a magical meteor shower falling rain effect, suitable for outdoor decor for Christmas, weddings, etc.

    • solar net lights

      Solar net lights with 200 LEDs supply nice warm yellow light and net mesh lights string, the perfect fairy decor for outdoor gardens, Christmas, bush, etc.