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Six Solar Light Popularity Rankings (2021 Latest Edition)

It is really a bit troublesome when you want to set up lighting tools in gardens or parking lots, but worried that installing wires is too labor-intensive and unsafe, and the style of installing batteries must be changed frequently. As long as there is a “solar lamp” that can be charged by sunlight, all worries and[…]

Solar Lighting for Outbuilding, courtyard

Why Solar light ? First off, let’s assume that you have a long garden and getting mains power to the Outbuilding would be a pain.Solar is the opposite of all mentioned above.outdoor solar lights are wire-free and simple to install. There is no wiring to hide or bury and no high-level electrical knowledge to obtain[…]

Solar light: charge once, light up for six months

Energy-saving, portable, elegant, light (almost) endless. It sounds almost like a perpetual motion machine: after only charging once, either with electricity or integrated solar cells, the solar light can light up for six months. This is worthy of praise, but this solar light is also praised for its portability (can be fixed anywhere with a[…]

How solar lights work?

Today we reveal the secret of the luminescence of solar lights, which is the responsibility of the premium developer Hans-Martin Ehlers. His passion and mission: save energy! Hans-Martin Ehlers has been working as a lighting expert at Zololight for 10 years. Very successful – the solar lights always glow all night, even if there is[…]