Solar LED small lanterns flashing starry colorful color changing neon string lights


Solar LED small lanterns flashing starry colorful color changing neon string lights produces warm light, great outdoor decoration for holiday, party, etc.


In order to add beauty, security, and illumination to your home and yard, solar lantern string lights are the best option to choose. These lights are getting popular in the market owing to their various benefits as well as they are able to light up the yard, brighten walkways all while saving money.

In current days, we all should pay attention to environmental safety and give our contribution towards it. This is where solar-powered lights are a great alternative that can help reduce the world’s carbon footprint.

We have a great collection of solar-powered lights these days to choose from as per our requirements, including solar lantern string lights. They are superbly designed and suitable for any home or garden.

When it comes to illuminating the outdoor space at home, they are never off duty. You can wrap them around trees such as place them in branches, shrubbery, furniture, and home signs. These string lights are highly energy-efficient as well as help with any decorative attempts.

Are you planning to use these lights for decorative purposes on any special occasions like Christmas? You can use them without any hesitation as solar Christmas lights or solar fairy lights. They are ideal for special occasions. The solar-powered solar lantern string lights can also be hung from one end of the backyard to the other as per your need.

This striking string light with 200 pieces of mini LED light bulbs produces warm light and creates a romantic atmosphere for you. They can give you 8 lighting effects to choose from catering to different occasions.

Various benefits of solar lantern string lights-

Eco-friendly- This amazing light is environment friendly that uses renewal technology to lessen the global carbon footprint. You can use them without any issues in that case.

Safety first- They reduce the risk of any potential accidents that can be caused by electrics because you don’t connect them with any power source. It ensures complete safety for everyone.

Style of light- You can find solar-powered lights in different styles, shapes, sizes, and types. They are specially designed to be aesthetically and visually pleasing. They can meet your style and needs.

Aesthetic values- They will create an amazing ambiance and look when they are draped around your garden. They are so flexible to use as come with less wiring cable.

Energy- The solar-powered light is an unlimited source and inexhaustible by itself. As they are charged by sunlight, they can light up the area properly without any interruption.

Low maintenance- You don’t need to worry about their maintenance as they need a few check-ups and cleaning throughout the year. It ensures their efficiency.

Reasonable- At this point, many people get confused. Of course, you will choose the most cost-effective lighting option for your home. This beautiful solar light is quite inexpensive in terms of cost, durability, quality, and other features. They don’t use any electricity but the sunlight.

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 18.6 × 10.2 × 7.8 cm
Solar panel






Led Color

White, Warm White, Multi-color



Charging Time


Working Time


IP Rating






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Solar LED small lanterns flashing starry colorful color changing neon string lights

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