Solar Lights – Outdoor LED String Lights (Review)

Most of my trips are spent in two or three days of mountain climbing or camping with friends. Lighting lamps have become one of our important outdoor equipment. The Solar LED string lights are like stars in the sky, bringing light and guiding us.

Zololight – A Solar Lighting Company

Founded in 2012, Zololight is a company specializing in the development of emerging green energy. The goal of Zololight is to manufacture energy products that are cheaper and better for the environment, which can be used and meet the lighting needs of people’s daily life in any environment: whether in outdoor activities, family life, even parties, or in the absence of power supply.

After selling a large number of products, Zololight has a more ambitious goal: it is hoped that 1.5 billion people in developing countries can enjoy bright lights even without electricity. When these people have lights, they can not only reduce the use of kerosene lamps and candles, but also continue to engage in all activities after the sun goes down.

Due to the changeable environment in the outdoors, traditional lighting equipment has a poor waterproof effect and is prone to fail after encountering water. Because the brightness of ordinary light strings is low, sometimes people forget to turn them off during the day. Moreover, ordinary string lights are connected in series with copper wires, which are particularly easy to knot during storage and use. Perhaps the only advantage is that they are cheap enough to throw them away and won’t make people distressed.

When I received this LED string light, I recalled the price and thought: Wow! Can people really buy good camping lights at this price!?

But in the course of actually using it during these three camping trips, I was totally impressed by this string light. Its wire material similar to the aluminum alloy fabric is matched with the design of built-in storage, so that it will not be knotted when it is used for collecting and pulling out. The light string is not only beautiful in appearance, convenient and durable, but also adjusted to low, medium and high brightness to meet different needs.

The waterproof rating of this string light is IPX4 – protection against splashing water and moisture. The unfolded length of the string light is about 5.5 meters, and it can be extended along the long side of 5m*3m without any problem! There are 10 nodes in the whole wire, and each node has 2 LED lights. Originally, I thought this led string light would be too stingy and just had 10 led lights, which only played a decorative role, but after using it a few times, I really felt that it was very worthwhile. Its brightness is enough to compare with the Led camping lights I usually use. I was surprised that this light can be very bright even in the daytime!

This time I brought this string light to Mount Ali for a trial.

We camped near Tashan Station.

At night, I turned on the camping light and the string light at the same time, and found that the high brightness of the Led string light was enough to illuminate the surroundings, so I put the camping light into the bag silently. The bright cooking space makes it very convenient for us to do things: when we start the meal, I adjust the brightness of the string light to medium, the brightness is just right for us to enjoy the food together; when we are drinking, chatting and playing games, I adjust the brightness of the string light to low, the brightness is just right for us to enjoy the fun together.

Some camping lights need to be hung higher. If hung low, the light will be too bright. The camping lights with wide projection also have this problem. However, string lights can solve this problem well because of their extended characteristics. You can put the string light in any position, and don’t worry about the brightness will make people feel dazzling. It can illuminate an entire area, comparable to the camping light.

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