Solar Deck String Lights for Outdoor Space

Solar Deck String Lights are a string light designed for outdoor space, it created a magical glow on the deck and boasts a beautiful ambiance for nights. String lights come in a range of styles, bulb types, and colors. Such as curtain lights, icicle lights, rope lights, etc. These deck lights are easy to install and easy to use, and it is the best choice to save energy and electricity. They can brighten a backyard or a patio space and make warm nights more relaxing and festive.

Nice weather calls for more time spent outdoors. Solar deck string lights can add charming illumination during the quiet evenings. It allows your party to continue after dusk. Your deck will become a lively outdoor gathering space. It is fitted with rechargeable batteries that are charged during the daytime and store the energy in solar panels. Thereby lighten up the LED lights at night time automatically. Too often decks space is neglected and lacking in use. You can also add rugs and cushions to the decks. Then, you will enjoy the cool weather at night.

Types of solar deck string lights

Curtain Lights

Solar curtain Lights create a glowing wall of light and provide a stunning glow. You will involuntarily want to stay longer in this charming environment. To hang curtain lights across your deck you will need enough lights to cover the length of your opening. The copper wire is flexible, you can bend it to any shape.

Rope Lights

The rope light is made of flexible PVC tubing with the light bulbs protected inside the tube. Mounting clips hold the light tubes in place and hide underneath the deck railing to create an expert finish. In addition, you can easily switch out rope light colors during parties and holidays! These decorative LED lights will create a holy pure atmosphere around the deck.

Icicle Lights

Icicle lights are available in a variety of colors and some even have twinkling effects. Gorgeous lighting modes, such as combination, firefly flashing, wave, fading, chasing/flashing, slow fading, flashing/flashing, and continuous lighting. It can create a different atmosphere in your life. You can hang icicle lights with adhesive hooks. It is a popular choice as a wedding light for its romantic, dancing glow.


There are more solar string lights that can illuminate your deck. Such as garden lights, mini lights, etc. You can have more choices.

How to install solar deck string lights

Although different solar deck light strings have different installation methods. But their installation is very simple and convenient. For curtain lights and Icicle lights, adhesive clips do the job for short-term installation like a party or summer dinner. Nails and screw-in hooks are a fantastic choice for long-term use. Start at the end closest to your power source and place your first hook. Then place a hook between each light drop to make sure the adhesive can support the weight of your lights. In turn, put all the hooks to ensure that all the lamp beads are hung.

For rope lights or others deck lights, you need to set up the string light pole on the deck. It is all you need to hang deck string lights. If you don’t have a sort of overhead structure like a gazebo to hang lights from, then it will be the perfect choice. Then you just need to hang all the lights on it. You can start to enjoy them!

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